Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Neighbor Christmas Gift: Chocolate Truffles

If I were your neighbor, I'm pretty sure I'd want you to give me these for Christmas. :)
Who wouldn't? This is Emily and I's go-to recipe for chocolate truffles.
They are SOOO crazy easy, so decadently yummy, and so adaptably flavorful that we find all sorts of excuses to make them. We've made them for weddings, for Christmas gifts and treats, for Valentine's and even just because we felt like eating some chocolate.

Typically we coat them with a hard chocolate shell (this option keeps the best) or roll them in cocoa powder (very pretty effect). This time I also tried adding some almond extract and rolling them in finely-chopped almonds. I think they are beautiful! We've also tried adding peppermint extract and rolling them in crushed candy canes--very pretty and very yummy, but after sitting overnight, they were gooey and rather gross looking. The mint leaves pressed into the hard chocolate coating worked for identifying the mint though and is also pretty. :)

Keep in mind that the recipe is very adaptable. I know Emily likes to use a combination of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate (probably wise for gift-giving). I am a dark chocolate die-hard, so I like to use bittersweet chocolate in mine. They are wonderful just plain but we've also very much enjoyed adding flavor extracts such as peppermint (I once added "mint" which ended up being spearamint and that was horrid--felt like eating chocolate gum or toothpaste), almond, hazelnut, orange, and coconut. All wonderful!
And what about those cute little boxes???
I used these very easy-to-follow instructions for making origami boxes.


  1. Those boxes are just so adorable! Perfect fit for those gorgeous chocolates.... You are true artists.... !

    hugs x

  2. Your truffles look wonderful! Thank you so much for the great tips on how to make them in a variety of ways and things to steer clear of! Love the box!


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