Saturday, December 22, 2012

Neighbor Gift Idea: Granola in a jar

Now, I love sweets as much as the next gal (probably even more when it comes to cookies and pies. and ice cream. and chocolate. ooo and cobblers and crisps. and....)
That being said, I get a little "sugar-ed out" around the holidays.
By the time I do all my own baking, which is usually quite a hefty amount, plus get the usual extra treats from the neighbors, plus get the extra treats from all the parties and gingerbread house decorating and such, I'm kind of ready to NOT have something so sweet. Enter my neighbor gift for this year--some good ol' granola.
Now truth be told, this granola isn't exactly healthy and it can be pretty sweet by the time you eat enough of it, BUT it is less sweet than a bunch of divinity (not that that take much). ANYWAY, I decided that perhaps my neighbors would appreciate it too, so that's what we did.
To make it extra cute and appealing, my girls and I put it into canning jars and then put wrapping papper on top (between the actual lid and the ring). Then, we wrapped the top with yarn and made some pom-poms for the top and voila! Cute and fun and yummy and not toooooo sweet. :)
Click here for my granola recipe.
Hope you are enjoying your holiday prep!


  1. Can you do more jar designs? I am thinking of using a jar as well.

  2. Granola is really sweet but I think it’s a great gift for one of my neighbours that I know that loves sweets. Can you post more jar designs?


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