Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Backyard farm: We have eggs!

Ah! I love my chickens and I LOVE the beautiful eggs they lay me. 
Who knew eggs could fill a person with such a happy smile?

Everyday, actually twice a day because I like doing it so much, I head out to the chicken coop with some table scraps and some fresh water (we've been having issues with our waterer in this negative-degree weather).
I call to my little chickens, "Hey chicky, chicky, chickies."

All the chickens come a-runnin'. (This fall when we had them out in the yard, they REALLY came running for me. Cute hens know right who their momma is.)

I feed them, water them, and then the moment I've been waiting for. I go open up their nesting boxes with much anticipation. And low and behold, I have eggs. 
What's it going to be? A pretty speckled one? A green one? One of those cute little tan ones?
Usually we get 3 or 4. Today we got 5. 
5 hens, 5 eggs. Good job girls! Even in this freezing weather! 

The eggs are beautiful, healthy, and delicious. Or so I hear. 
Talk about Murphy's Law: my hens start laying eggs just 2 weeks after my most recent bundle of joy is born, aaaannnnd she has food-protein (egg-protein to be specific) induced entercolitis. In other words, if I eat even the tiniest bit of eggs (I'm breastfeeding her) then she gets gross, slimy green bowel movements, which are bound to turn bloody if I keep at it. So I don't. In fact, I haven't eaten one of these eggs. Not a one! Oh well, little bundle-of-joy's older sisters and daddy sure like them. 

As for me, I will continue to be very happy just looking at them. :)

And to pay proper respect to the hens who laid them, here are some pictures of them.

Here they are during the last week in July when we bought them. Aren't they adorable?!!! I remember driving home from CAL Ranch thinking, "Wow, I have baby chickens in my back seat. What the heck am I thinking?"

Then just a few months later (3 to be exact) they look like this:

They grow CRAZY fast! Not so fluffy and cute anymore, but still big and beautiful. The one up above is Amy (one of our Ameraucanas). Either she or Connie (the other Ameraucana) is laying the green eggs. Can't tell yet.

And this one below, being held by my adorable 2-year-old, is Honey, our Buff Orpington. She is definitely the smartest (which, sadly, isn't saying much). She really is smarter and sweeter than the rest though. A bit of a loner too. When we had them out in the yard (when there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground) she was always hovering underfoot.

And here's a picture of our whole flock, enjoying the last bits of the garden this fall. 
2 Ameraucanas
1 Buff Orpington
1 Silver Lace-Wing Wyandotte
1 Black Austrolorpe 

Quite the fun adventure we've been having. 

They also make the cutest little clucky noises that are quite fun to hear.

And did I mention that they lay beautiful eggs?



  1. congrats on the eggs! Love the pictures. So pretty. David wants to know if you ever get pecked!

  2. sadly, yes! never out of meaness, but mostly out of curiosity (or stupidity--several of them think my girls' fingers look like worms or something). They're pretty good, but they will lightly peck at earings, belt buckles, rivets in jeans (shiney things) or fingers if you give them the chance. poor Honey got quite the boot this fall because she was making me mad--just kept pecking and then she tested my ankles and, well, she got a swift kick. never did it again, so it shows some sort of smarts.... i find it a bit unsetteling frankly, but so far it's only been lightly and they haven't at all since november. we'll see about it this summer when we are with them more. :)

  3. I'm with you on this one. I have 16 hens and I get about a dozen eggs a day. If you get a chance check out this post on my site. It has a photo of my daughter and her eggs. Purple Snowmen Recipe For Healthy Pancakes

    Thank you for sharing. Lynaea @


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