Monday, January 14, 2013

Organized Collection

My son loves to collect. 
And since he's 5 his little collection is VERY important.

However, I thought getting rid of the crazy mess on top of his dresser was also VERY IMPORTANT!
You can imagine all this in various piles, bags and boxes scattered throughout his room.
So I gathered all his treasures and got to work.

A few glass jars and some sorting did the trick! 
Now he can see all the wonderful things he's been gathering and I don't see a mess.
I even think it looks quite nice actually.

And I was thinking... wouldn't that be such a fun idea for a mantle? 
Maybe spruced up with some vintage jars (instead of spaghetti bottles.)
 A fun way to display little reminders of family vacations or trips to the beach. 
Maybe some day. When I have a mantle. Or a budget.

For now we're all just happy with this little solution and have fun adding to it. Although, we did have to veto the icicle collection he started last week. It kept disappearing. Yah. 

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  1. This is such a great idea for using old jars and keeping and displaying treasures that little ones find! We have some pinecones so I will definitely be starting with those. I think they will look great on top of my piano and make me happy while I am enjoying playing some music.


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