Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Photo Cards

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last year Emily made these photo Valentines of her kids, and I thought they were the cutest thing since baby bunnies, sooooooo I made some myself this year of my 3 cute girls. All pretty in pink. Love it. :)

This little one, luckily, isn't mobile. The trick with her was just getting her to stay looking at me and smiling once I put the camera up to take her photo. Took a few tries, but we got it. Photos taken to achieve this one: 42.

Now this lovely little almost-3-year-old was a bit of a challenge (and that's being generous). Getting her to hold still, look at me, and giving a good smile was TRICKY. I coaxed, bribed, got irritated, sang songs, etc. I think in this actual picture we are singing a song. Photos taken to achieve this one: 129. Thank goodness for digital cameras. 

Now, my 5 1/2 year old was a real charmer. She has obviously matured as of late and been through school photos. Photos taken to achieve this one: 2! :) 

It's the perfect way to capture the memory of them--both how they look and what they are into.  What grandparent wouldn't like that?

Like Emily, I took their photos on a white sheet in front of a window then did some editing. I went through  little different process to edit though: I used the paint tool on about 15% opacity with white and just did layer after layer of translucent white "paint" from the far left corner to make a nice area for writing the words and a gradual transition into the photo.

Then for the words, I used variations of century gothic--regular, condensed, bold, medium weight, lighter color, bigger, smaller, etc.

And, of course we used the their felt Valentines hair clips, which turned out great with their outfits.

Hope you have a great Valentine's day! I know we have all sorts of things planned, mostly heart-shaped everything: pancakes, sandwiches, eggs, etc. :) Should be a great day with these 3 lovely girls.

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