Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fabric and Bead Necklace and Bracelet

So I was dropping my son off at pre-school when I remembered... An odaorable little girl had invited him to her birthday party directly following school. And of course, I had forgotten to get a gift. No biggy, just run to the store right? But we live a ways out of town, I had just been shopping the day before, the roads were icy, and I really wasn't feeling it. What to do? Those stacks of fabric in the basement have to be good for something right? And why shouldn't I be able to come up with something fabulous in 2 hours before I picked him up?

Enter the easy fabric and bead necklace and bracelet!
I've made a variation of this before for my little girl, but this one is a bit longer. And with some extra scraps I made a simple little knotted bracelet.

What little girl doesn't need a new necklace or bracelet for spring. Or maybe YOU need one!
Maybe you don't want yours to be rainbow, but with a more appropriate fabric you'll be good to go.
Ready to make one?
Grab some fabric that's 45 inches wide. (you could use wider for a longer necklace).
- Cut a strip  2 3/4 inches wide.
- Fold in half lengthwise with right sides of fabric together(so it's still 45" long, just skinnier).
- sew 1/4 inch from raw edge.
- turn right-side-out.
- slide one bead inside the tube. Mine were 3/4 inch beads.
Push to the middle and tie a knot on either side.
- keep adding beads and knots to each side til you're done. (I used 7 beads total).
- tie the ends together and you're done!
(If the selvage looks nice don't wory about heming the ends, if not however, you may want to tuck the ends inside about 1/4 of an inch and sew across them.)

For the bracelet I made a fabric tube the same way, only it was 9 inches long. Just Tie a knot at the center. Fold the end of one tube in 1/4 of an inch to hide the raw edge. Push the other end inside that one creating a circle and sew right across.

You can use whatever size beads you like, just make sure your fabric tube is wide enought to fit the bead inside! And the bigger the beads and the more you add the shorter your necklace will be, so make sure it will still fit over your/your kid's head.

This project really is sooo quick! I was able to finish one for my daughter as well as one for the party all before preschool ended. And when we got the party EVERYTHING was rainbow! Apparently they're the birthday girl's favorite. How's that for a perfect gift? Sometimes these last second things pay off, although I think I'll try to plan a little bit ahead next time :)

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