Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Featured Blog: Grow Creative

Today we wanted to share with you this really wonderful blog we stumbled upon--Grow Creative. A gal after our own hearts. :)

Hello Everyday Art Readers!

I feel honored to be guest posting here today on Emily and Jaime's fun blog!  They have some awesome ideas for teaching art to kids (among other things)... which as a former art teacher- I love!  

My name is Elise and I keep busy taking care of a 4-year-old-boy, watching too many Netflix movies with my husband, painting, crocheting, learning how to sew, and running my blog, Grow Creative.  

 I got into blogging nearly three years ago and it has been a fun ride.. and also slightly addicting.  I love making connections with other creative people out there and sharing ideas!

My main loves are painting with watercolors and crocheting!  I can't get enough.  At Grow Creative you'll find quite a few DIY Watercolor Art Projects like ....

these Watercolor Portraits.... trust me, it's easier than you would think!

And a tutorial for making Stenciled Watercolors

Some recent crochet projects include an Up-cycled Pink Cardigan - I used some simple crochet sea pennies and flowers as appliques for it ...

And  a Crochet Infinity Scarf with a free pattern!  I also have a free pattern for a Shell Stitch Hat too.  Fun stuff!

One of my favorite posts is my Tin Can Lanterns Tutorial from last summer- proof that I do have other interests besides watercolors and crochet.    

I hope you'll stop by Grow Creative and that you find a few ideas to help you expand your own creativity!

 Don't you just love her style? Her watercolors are georgeous, her crochet is hip, and the tin cans are, well, just plain rad. :) Go check her out! 

Hope you are having a creative day. :)

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