Friday, March 8, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Decor: the shelf and banner

 Generally, I don't spend a whole lot of thought and effort on making a big fuss over St. Patrick's Day. Wear green, cook corned beef and cabbage, that's about it. 

Well, this year, I decided (totally last minute) that it wouldn't hurt a thing in the world to decorate a bit, so my kids and I whipped out some green stuff and some St. Patrick's Day decor and decorated the shelf in our kitchen/dining room area.

I think it turned out pretty cute, especially considering how it really was pretty last minute. And my girls had a great time. They played with playdoh while I made the banner (more on that later) and then they were "helping" me make the yarn balls and the split pea candles.  Fun morning. :)

So, here's what I did. 

1) I used this Spring Moss Wreath I made a few years ago. Still loving it. 
2) I filled up an empty apothecary jar with granny smith apples. Easy green St. Patrick's Day decor.
3) I searched Pinterest for an St. Patrick's Day subway art printable. Let me tell ya, there are a ton, but this one was my favorite over on the Funky Polka Dot Giraffe. Thanks Kyla!

Then the kids and I started to really brain storm for some green stuff we could use to decorate the shelf with. I nixed the green sippy cup idea and the green pencil idea. 
But the yarn, now that got me thinking. 
4) So, I borrowed a bunch of balls from my girls (golf balls, large bouncy balls, etc.) and wrapped them up in green yarn I have in my stash and some good ol' twine. Turned out pretty cute. :)

5) The far right-side was bare and what I REALLY wanted was to put some Bells of Ireland in my white ceramic pitcher.  Thought about running to the store, but decided that hauling all 3 girls (including a 3-month-old) out to town was definitely not worth it. So, second best idea, I put some green split peas in clear class candle sticks. Worked well enough. 

6) Now for the banner--that's the real star I think. I happened to have some leftover burlap and also lots and lots of leftover scrapbook paper, so I made a sign. 
I printed out the word "Lucky" from my computer (Times New Roman) and used it as a template to cut out the letters.

Now this part is the real awesome part--totally Emily's idea (I knew she'd have a brilliant idea for sticking the letters to the burlap)--I used double-sided tape to put the letters on. Worked so well AND when St. Patrick's is over, I fully intend to take the letters off and put up paper Easter eggs or something. Yea! brilliant--and banner that you can easily change with the seasons and holidays. :)


Anyway, the St. Patrick's day shelf turned out cute, and I really had a great morning decorating and crafting with my girls. I love it when the stars all align like that. :)

Hope you have a "lucky" week. :) 

Post update 3/31/13: Look how easy it transitions into Easter decorations! Change out a few items on the shelf and exchange the "lucky" letters for Easter eggs.



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  1. I love your mantel. Your wreath is so springy. I hope you will come link up to The CSI Project today or tomorrow. The challenge is Spring mantels so this is perfect. I am going to explore your blog now. I love it so far!!!


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