Monday, March 11, 2013

Watercolor Illustration

Aren't little kids just so stinkin' adorable?
All that personality rolled into one pint-sized, chubby-cheeked little package. 

I had been thinking for a while that I needed a way to capture it.
A way to take their favorite things, their cute smiles, their whimsy and pack it all together and keep it forever.

Then Jaime mentioned a while ago that her mom had seen some cute illustrations someone had done of their kids. What a perfects idea! And I thought.... Why couldn't I do that?

I had been dying to paint again and just needed a little push, and since Jaime's idea inspired me I thought I'd illustrate her girls first. (That, and she had 3 adorable little girls. Could there be a cuter subject? Besides my own kids of course.)

First I took a look at some of the pictures of her girls she had up on her blog. Their so cute. Then I picked a setting that I thought they would like. Her girls LOVE the outdoors and go 'exploring' all the time, so I knew it had to be outside. Plus the striped quilts Jaime made for them have cute little bird and tree prints.  Then I tried to capture a little bit of their personalities. Big sister- soooo smart and just can't learn enough fast enough to satisfy. I think she's a little genious. Little sister- good luck keeping up! She's so adventurous and has no fear. Baby- well, she was only a couple weeks old at the time, but I figured just plain sweet would suffice.

Then I added some tiny little details and that was it! I love how it turned out!
I think the softness of the watercolor ended up being perfect for a childrens illustration.
So I popped this little 8x10 painting in the mail and sent Jaime and her girls a sweet little surprise.

I had so much fun painting this and have been dying to do it again. My own kids need one, right?
And I was also thinking, maybe your kids need one?
I you'd be interested in having me do an illustration of your adorable kids
 just let me know here. We can talk details and price.
Thanks again to Jaime for the great idea, a little push to get painting, and for taking these photos. You're great!

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  1. This is adorable! You have some great figure drawing skills there too!


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