Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kids Art Inspired Shirt

After sewing a hoodie and a bunch of leggings (coming soon) for my little girl, David thought it was his turn.
And he was right. What he really needed were some t-shirts for summer.
Back to the sewing machine!
After making a couple I decided it was his turn to design. 
I told him he could draw anything he wanted and I would put it on a shirt. 

So here's what he drew.  It's a manta ray- with some sweet designs and colors. 
Manta rays were the creature of choice that week. Lucky I asked him to draw this when I did, because by the next week he had moved on to tarantulas, and I'm glad I wasn't sewing a tarantula shirt. Just saying. 

Unfortunately there were some limitations. Mom's sewing skills, fabric scraps to choose from, and most importantly, I knew if I tried to make the picture on the shirt exactly like the drawing I would inevitably fail and be in BIG trouble. So with permission, we simplified the design and this is what we came-up with. 

I just cut the silhouette shapes, layered them and ironed them on.
Then I traced his outline and recreated it with the blue stitching.
 (I used double thread so it would show more.) Yes it's mirror image, I forgot to flip it before tracing to transfer paper, but I didn't think it really mattered. 

I think it turned out pretty cool. He loves it, which is what really matters anyway. 

So why not let your kids design some clothes of their own? 

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