Monday, April 1, 2013

Tooth Fairy Bag

Ah! My oldest just lost her first tooth!


Crazy. Wasn't it only a few months ago that I had her? I could see her maybe being 3 1/2 years old or something, but NOT 5 1/2 . NOT kindergarten-going, gymnastics-loving, reading, TOOTH-LOSING old! 
I just want to memorize all the good because it all seems so fleeting. I mean, not the good--that's here to stay (I hope), but just time itself. It goes by so fast. She's such a sweet girl. Babies are mighty fun and sweet, but I must say I am really enjoying her as she gets older. So fun to talk to and do things with. We played catch forever in the back yard today (actually, we played throw-the-ball-miss-it-pick-it-up-and-throw-it-back but she didn't care--we were having a great time). Anyway she's great, and she has lost her first tooth. Pulled it right out on the way home from school. :)

It was quite the debate about what we were going to put the tooth in. She couldn't decide if she wanted to put it in a regular envelope and decorate it up "all pretty" with her gel pens or for me to make her something, but in the end, when I described my idea, she was sold on the blue (her favorite color) tooth-shaped pouch.

It was so easy too, and I really am not much of a sewer. If I can get my machine out and whip it up for the time it takes her and her little sister to watch 1 episode of Backyardigans, then let me tell ya, pretty much anyone could make this. 

I sewed the ribbon right in between the two layers, and then it looked a little lacking so I hot-glued a bow to the front. 

And because I was worried that the tooth would fall down the "roots" I hot-glued them shut. :)

So cute and most importantly, she LOVES it. She drew several cute pictures of it looped around her bedpost, her sleeping in bed, and the Tooth Fairy flying over to it. She also drew a hilarious picture of the Tooth Fairy's castle--one whole tower full of teeth, one tower full of quarters for the "not very clean teeth," one tower full of  one dollar bills for the "very clean teeth," and a third tower full of two dollar bills for the "really, super, super, SUPER clean teeth."

Also, my favorite was when her dad was tucking her in I hear her say, "tell mom not to come into my room tonight and give me a dollar bill, that way if when I wake up in the morning, and my tooth is gone, and I have a dollar or a coin or something, then I'll KNOW that the Tooth Fairy is real." 
:) ha! what a cute kid.


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  1. This is so adorable!! just makes me go awww :) Michelle


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