Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cute Kids Cupcakes

 Gotta love cute cupcakes. :)
And these beauties are super fun--colorful swirls and polka dots and candies and the whole ball of works. 

My daughter's elementary school had a carnival and needed volunteers to make cupcakes for the cake walk.
I thought about it for about, mmmm, 2 seconds then signed myself right up for a batch of cupcakes. I love baking but don't always love having the sweets around for myself or my kids to eat, so this was a perfect scenario for me!

Her request? 
"Something bright and colorful!"

Check. :)

Here's what I did to make these cupcakes. 
1. Make (or buy) some frosting.
2. Get some frosting bags or plastic sandwich bags with the corner cut off.
3. Use a toothpick or paintbrush to wipe some gel food dye onto the edges of the bag as shown here.
4. I wanted a high mound of frosting on top, without actually using THAT much frosting, so I cut a marshmallow in half and stuck it on top of the cupcake. Then I piped the frosting around in a large circle ending up on top. 
5. Apply skittles and voila! Cute cupcakes for the kids. :)



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