Thursday, May 16, 2013

Make your own paper pots for starting seeds

Have we ever mentioned how much we love gardening around here? Well, we both do. A lot. 
Hard to say why exactly--everything about it is so great. For me, I love ever aspect of it. I love digging in the dirt. I love planting seeds. I really love watering. I love harvesting. I love fresh, chemical-free produce. I love that I can peek out the window at my kids snitching produce from the garden. I love looking at my garden. I even like weeding. How's that for weird. 

Where I come from, it's still risky to put your garden in the ground. It's awfully tempting because it's so warm, but it could still surprise me with a freeze any night now. But, waiting is really trying my patience. I've been out to the vegetable garden spot a lot, prepping it. Keeping the weeds out, stirring the chicken poop under, etc. (Gotta love free fertilizer.)
 And now I even have some little seedlings already to put into the earth.

It's been fun for the kids and I to start these plants. I wanted to make some paper pots out of newspaper to start the seeds in so that I could just put them directly into the ground without transplanting, and it was really easy to do. Easy and so far things have worked very well, as you can see by my healthy butternut squash plant in the image above. 

Want to make some easy, inexpensive, eco-friendly, no-fuss awesome paper pots in which to start your own seeds? Well here's a handy-dandy little tutorial for you.

1. Tear a strip of newspaper slightly taller than the jar/can/random cylinder you are using as your form. Wrap the newspaper around the jar, leaving about 2 inches at the bottom.
2. Fold the bottom edges up.
3. I like to dip the bottom in a bit of water to kind of stick it all together.
4. When you have all the pots made that you want, go ahead and fill with dirt and plant your seed in.
5. Place in a warm, sunny spot and keep the soil moist (but not soggy). Before long you'll have yourself some little plants ready for the garden.

If you are anything like me, you'll have a little TOO many plants ready for the garden. One seed pack of butternut squash planted 12 pots (all for a $1.29 I might add), all of which came up. I like butternut squash, but 12 plants is ridiculous. So, I've been giving them away to whoever wants one (or two or three).

I've also started a fun mixed batch of heirloom tomatoes (we'll be getting all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes), cantaloupe and even some flowers for the flower garden. 

Happy Gardening!


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