Monday, May 6, 2013

Paper Mache Bowls

Who knew paper mache could be so fun?! And cute?!


I love these little bowls. This was one of those perfect crafts for me. 
Why? Well,
 1) I used to scrapbook and have oodles of old scrapbook paper that I could "shop" from.
2) I like to use up old supplies. :)
3) I wanted something to decorate my shelf with.
4) I wanted a craft to do with my kids. 

Bingo! Paper mache bowls. :)

I first saw the idea here and fell in love with it. Couldn't get it out of my head. Soooo I decided to make a blue-and-white-and-gray version for my kitchen/dining area.

Want to join along? Here's the easy how to. 

1) Punch a lot of 1-inch circles. I bought myself a hole punch for this. I used the Fiskars Squeeze Punch, and I must say, I was truly amazed at how easy it was to use. Rather than wearing your thumbs down to a nubbin pushing a whole punch, this one works by squeezing two handles together. Easy and smooth. Love it.

2) Find yourself some bowls to use as molds. Wrap in plastic wrap. Now, I learned this the hard way: the plastic wrap sticks to glass bowls a little too well. I'd recommend either using plastic bowls or maybe putting a dish cloth between the bowl and the plastic wrap. That'll make removing your paper bowl SOOO much easier.

3) Make yourself some paper mache goo:
  • Combine ½ cup flour and 2 cups cold water in a bowl.
  • Boil 2 cups of water in a sauce pan and add the flour and cold water mixture. Bring to a boil again.
  • Remove from heat and add 3 tablespoons of sugar.
  • Let cool. The paste will thicken as it cools.
4) Dip paper circles into the goo, put on the bowl.

5) Let it dry. 

6) Remove the bowl, and voila! cute paper mache bowl. Love it. :)


Fun project for my girls and I! :) 

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  1. Yay - I'm so glad you liked the project and made some for yourself! Thanks so much for letting me know and for the link back.
    Happy Mother's Day! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love this project! You could customize to any decor - might work on some of these with my girlfriends this summer!

  3. This is SO cool! I just love the colors you chose. Thanks for the tutorial; pinning, so I can try my hand at it someday.

    The Thinking Closet

  4. These are so cool! A much better alternative to just ripped strips of paper for paper mache


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