Friday, May 31, 2013

Scrap Fabric Pennant Banner

Anyone else have a huge stack of fabric scraps just waiting for a project? 

I don't really even sew that much, but I still have quite the stash of scraps building up. (Sure, I do dabble in sewing a tad--an occasional bag or something like that. These aprons were a HUGE undertaking for me.) I'd thought about some sort of patch-work project (I have a real thing for patchwork--I'm still saving my old corduroy for that), but nothing specific was in mind. 

Then I visited my friend Sally for one of her kids' birthdays, and I saw this super-fun pennant banner she made with fabric. I instantly knew that THAT was the project for my scraps--I'd be making myself a banner with all my fabric scraps for sure!

This was a really easy project, and I think the results turned out great--cute, kind of whimsical, a bit of a vintage-vibe. It was so cute that I made 2 banners, each about 20 feet long. I used it for a "Welcome Summer Vacation!" celebration when my daughter got home from the last day of school. I have high-plans of using them for a summer ice cream party and birthdays and whenever we feel like we could use a little pizazz! 

So, to make the banner, I first purchased a spool of thin rope. I know my friend Sally said she used some string she bought at the dollar store. Pretty much anything will work! I just happened to see this hot pink string one day at CAL Ranch and thought it'd be super cute for this project. 

Then I used my handy-dandy, newly-acquired rotary cutter (why oh why did it take me so long to get one of these? The job seriously went 10 times quicker. Maybe 100 times. I soooo wish I had it for the rag rug!) to cut out triangles of fabric.
 Once I had a ton of triangles, I started laying them out all across my living room so I could make sure and spread them out evenly. Once I decided I had enough, I started sewing the fabric triangles onto the rope. Here, I also know my friend Sally used glue to just glue them on. Easy-peasy.
In the end though, I decided to use the zig-zag stitch and sew my triangles to the rope. Also easy.

And that's it! Like I said, really easy. Kind of a no-brainer craft (it's so nice to do those sometimes). :)

I will say though, it didn't use up as much of my fabric scraps as I thought it would! Now I still have enough for all sorts of projects plus these cute pennant banners.

What kind of projects do you have in mind for your fabric scraps?



  1. What a fun banner, I love all the bright colors.

  2. I love seeing your version!

    Amazing to know you didn't have a rotatory cutter for the rag rug. You are dedicated!


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