Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot-Air Balloon Baby Shower

My little sister recently had her first baby. An adorable little boy.
 So of course we had to celebrate!

We chose a vintage hot air balloon theme and got to work.
We made hot air balloons using paper lanterns and helium balloons with folded origami boxes (like the ones Jaime made for chocolates here) tied them together with twine and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line. Then added a paper banner, (made by sewing papers together with the sewing machine), a white table cloth and some fabric squares. All in all pretty easy.

Here are the invitations I designed.
And I made printables to share :)


The original invite had the new baby's name across the banner and a message at the bottom...
"come help us welcome to the world a new baby boy" plus party info. 

and here's a version without the 'welcome' in case you wanted to use it for another party, say birthday.

Thanks to everyone's help we also had some fabulous refreshments.
Chocolate Chunks...
all sorts of chocolate and candy bars chopped into snitch-able sized pieces on a large
wooden cutting board...

Fresh Fruit...
because really, who doesn't love it.
Not only is it delicious, but the colors are always refreshing.

Jaime's Rhubarb Bars...
You HAVE to try these!
Here's her recipe.

Lemon Bars...
Classic. They really are one of my favorite things.
I'll have to share the recipe later.

here's where we link

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