Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painted Stick Heart

Do your kids love painting "stuff" as much as mine?
We've painted rocks, egg cartons, milk jugs, dried modeling clay sculptures, toilet paper rolls, you name it. 

Well, we decided to paint something different: sticks. 
Hadn't done that one before. :)

And while we were painting sticks, I figured we might as well paint them in the colors I'm decorating the deck: lime green, turquoise and blue. 
And while we are painting sticks, we might as well have some extra fun and put fun little stripes and polka dots on them. 
And why not whip out a little twine (and hot glue) and make a heart?

Fun little craft for my girls and I to do together. They had a blast painting the sticks and feel quite proud that I'm actually hanging it up to decorate our deck.

Do your kids have a favorite thing to paint?


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