Friday, July 12, 2013

Sew Summer Pajamas - for Girls!

I shared the boy version of these summer pajamas earlier, now its the girls' turn!
Like I explained in my last pjs post, my kids were in desperate need of some cooler summer pajamas now that the warmer summer weather has hit.
I had the aqua solid and striped knits in my stash and used a clearance t-shirt for the white.
(The same t-shirt I used to make David pajamas. Yeah. 2 for 1!)

So I basically just traced a t-shirt that fit my daughter well and used it as a
pattern to make the new shirt. Here's a quick description on how to sew a t-shirt.
The shorts were traced from a pair of pants. This tutorial on sewing leggings spells out how to make your own. I just made the shorts a little looser than the leggings.

And that's it! cut new summer pajamas for my little girl.

All together I spent about $2 to make both pairs.
Not bad if you ask me.
Maybe I'll whip up a couple more :)

Here's my proud little model showing off her new look.
Nice and comfy and happy.

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