Monday, August 26, 2013

DIY: Turquoise and Lime Green Deck Redo

Ah! I am completely in love with my deck!

It seriously went from drab, to fab--check out the before picture:

Earlier this summer I made a "deck inspiration post" where I showed the image below of some of the ideas I had for the deck. Clearly it needed a little TLC if it was going to be any thing more than just ugly and "there." I will say, now we all love it. We eat meals out on the deck and just sit out there and enjoy the evening or morning coolness. It defiantly has the feel I was going for: cool, calm, kind of funky.

 I didn't use everything from the inspirational image above. I decided not to make the luminaries, although I still think they are wonderful. And I did have a half dozen old tin cans that I was using for planters, but honestly I didn't enjoy that a whole lot--they can hold only so much soil and moisture, so if I didn't water them every day on the dot then things were dying. I can see why, in the image above, succulents were planted in them--they need less water and I'm sure would do much better.

I did however, do some other fun things. 
1) First off, the deck seriously needed re-painted. It was bare in most places and my kids were even getting paint splinters. So, we painted the whole exterior of the house and then painted the deck. It took 1 gallon of paint. Total cost: ~ $36.

2) I knew right away I wanted a banner. So, while I made these scrap-fabric pennant banners, I also made one for the deck. For the scrap fabric party banners, I just used whatever I had around the house. For the deck, I found a great series of fabrics, all with the colors I needed just over at the ol' Walmart. So, I bought some and a spool of green ribbon to sew them too. Total cost: $10.

3) My girls and I also painted some sticks and made this cute painted-stick heart. I'm not really sure why I like it so much. Maybe just the memory of making it with them, maybe just the fact that it is kind of nature-y and funky all together. Total cost: $3 (for the paint).

4) I also bought some containers for plant pots. We have this crazy-weird, run-down shop in town where you can buy super cheap white plates and platters (yea!!!) and also pots. I bought 2 for $5.99 each and planted some plants in them. I also spray painted 2 pots I already had and filled them with plants. 
Total cost for the pots and plants: $38

5) We painted the picnic table. Total cost: $20

6) I found a great chevron recycled plastic floor pat at World Market that just so happened to be in the exact colors I wanted. Way cheaper than an outdoor rug and so awesome to just spray it off with a hose. Love, love it. Total cost: $65

So, the combined total cost for this fabulous transformation was: a little under $175
Kind of more than I expected to spend, but once I decided that it for-sure needed to be repainted and that I for-sure wanted a rug or floor mat or something, then it pretty much escalates. Considering that, I think we got off pretty inexpensively. And truly, what a great transformation it is!

Hurray for my cute deck! I really love it (in case you couldn't tell). I'm so happy that it looks great, feels great and that it is a place for our family to hang out and enjoy life together.

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  1. It looks fab! My deck is looking seriously drab at the moment. I have some bunting and pretty plants but the wood needs some serious treatment. You've given me some inspiration. Thanks! Xx


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