Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Wire Pumpkins

Remember our sister Lisa's super cute sweater pumpkins
Well, here is the tutorial

Wire Pumpkins:

wire (at least 16 feet)
something to coil the wire around

I used about 16 feet of wire.  It gave each pumpkin 14 loops with wire to curl at the top.  the longer the wire you have the more loops you will get.  Just about any malleable wire will work.  It just depends on what look you are going for.  I used copper wire.  It is soft enough to easily bend but stiff enough to hold its shape.  Plus, I like the color of it.

Take the wire and coil it around a round object.  My vase was 11 inches around.  The diameter of your cylinder is is how tall your pumpkin will stand.  

Once the wire is coiled, hold it in one hand with both ends coming out.  Take one end and wrap it around the center of your pumpkin.  This will hold the pumpkin together.  Take the other end and curl it. This will be the curl coming out of the top of your pumpkin.  

Fan out the coils and your pumpkin is complete.  You can play with the shape of your pumpkin  by flattening the loops, whether you want a taller pumpkin (flatten toward the center) or a short squatty pumpkin (squish the top of the pumpkin down).  

So cute! Thanks Lisa. :)

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