Monday, October 21, 2013

Branch Blocks

 Hi Everyone! What a fun treat we have for you today. My good friend Sally is guest posting for us. She is such a great person and full of great ideas. It would be difficult to find anyone who is a more dedicated nurturer to her children. She is also a fantastic photographer, and you can see her photos on her blog, Butterfly. Thanks Sally for sharing your Branch Blocks with us today.

Hi, I am Sally and I love blocks! 

There is something about building a structure with your hands. It helps to develop the imagination. 
At our house, we build towers and tell stories about them. Animals and toy figurines become integral parts of the structures we create. We have made runways for airplanes, a layout of our home, and towers so tall they touch the ceiling. The blocks are used almost every day. 
There are many who love blocks, and there are a lot of different products and fun ideas to do with blocks (for example, Playful Learning and How we Montessori). 
I can't think of a more versatile toy. I am always wanting more blocks. This led me to look for inexpensive ways to get them, as good blocks cost money (but are worth it). 

I found the perfect idea on a blog called Everyday Story.

 I decided I wanted to do this. We started out by going on a walk up the mountain to find the perfect branch. When we trimmed our tree, I saved some of the limbs to use as well. 

Then last week Jaime and I cut them into pieces. I brought some of our unit blocks along to help size them because I was looking to use them interchangeably. 

In less than an hour they were cut, and John and Corinne were out playing with them. 


They made quite a mess in fact with the residual saw dust on Jaime's floor. 

I am amazed at how easy it was to get some fun blocks with just a little effort and the right tools. They were quite a novelty for us and for the children. In fact, when we packed them up Corinne was very sad to see them go. She made the cutest pouty face. 

Thanks Sally. Clearly, we'll be making some of our own for our kids since they were so disappointed they didn't get to keep them. :) 

Head on over and say hi to Sally. 
And here is a link to see the blocks in action at Sally's house. :)


  1. Such a great idea! My grandkids really like blocks. It would be fun to give then something different than the normal blocks. Fun!!

  2. That is a really great idea! My daughter loves blocks! she would love this.

  3. Love these blocks! So creative. My son would end up picking all the bark off but why not? Maybe outdoor blocks?

  4. I love this idea. My kids would think I was the coolest! Thanks for the fun!

  5. I love these! Too bad I didn't see these a few days ago when my husband was trimming trees!

  6. I love this idea! thank you for sharing these. Pinning this.

  7. These are not only fun; but awesome for kid's developmental skills! My daughter actually does a lot of similar "play" in her OT therapy sessions. So these are seriously awesome!


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