Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Table

I'd love to take credit for this awesome chalkboard table, but it is not mine--my mom made it. :)
What a fun idea! 

My mom has a wonderful vegetable garden that everyone loves to come and see and spend time in (her whole yard is wonderful). And now, positioned right outside of it is this fun table, welcoming all to come and sit for awhile. Enjoy the beauty of the wildflowers, the fragrance of the fresh herbs (loving the lemon thyme this year), and the bounty of the earth. 

For this fun DIY project, my mom took the "rock-what-ya-got" approach: the chairs and table were already hers--they just needed a spif-me-up. 

A few cans of spray paint later (for the chairs and table stand) and a few coats of chalkboard paint across the top, and voila! Insta cute table and chairs. Well, instant for me since I didn't do it...I'm sure she'd tell you that some patience was involved. 

Well worth any patience it may have required though.

And as you can see, her grandkids very much enjoyed themselves playing tic-tac-toe and drawing with chalk. 

My mom says that she and my oldest had a lovely time sitting out there, playing tic-tac-toe one time on a grandma-granddaughter date. 

And really, who wouldn't have a lovely time at that table? :)


  1. The second I saw this picture I knew it must be your mom's. she has such a knack for making the simplest things utterly enjoyable!

  2. What a clever idea! I would have never thought to do that to a table! It looks like so much fun. I've considered painting the backside of my kids' bedroom doors, but I haven't gone through with it yet. :)


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