Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Cheesecloth Halloween Ghost

I always have fun decorating for Halloween, and this year has been no exception. 
Rather than adding more decor on the inside, my girls and I decided that we needed a "spooky ghost" out in our front yard.

something light and spherical (Styrofoam or foam ball)
black felt
white sheet (opt.) I used it because my ball was purple and I wanted the ghost to look white

This little DIY ghost was a snap to make. I thought about purchasing a Styrofoam ball to use as the form for it, but in the end, "borrowed" one of my kids' balls--just a light foam one. (Hmmm, my kids' balls have come in handy before).

I used some of my twine and tied it around the ball, leaving a long string to use to hang it from the tree. 
Then, I had an old white sheet that I ripped a piece from to cover the ball with, cutting a hole in the top to feed the string through. 

I liked the idea of using cheesecloth to give the ghost a gauzy, more vintage/creepy effect, so I also ripped up some cheesecloth to drape over the ghost (also cutting holes in the top for the sting). Then I drew the girls several ghost faces to choose from (the chose the creepiest), and cut the eyes and mouth from black felt. I used glue to adhere the felt eyes onto the sheet, draped two layers of cheesecloth over the top of the eyes, and voila! we had ourselves a ghost. :)

I super like this idea from Simple Creative Insanity. She used white balloons with green glow sticks in them. So fun! Obviously, the glow sticks would run out, so this would only work for a one-night deal, but still a fun idea. 

Hope you are having fun decorating for Halloween. 

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