Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Family Halloween Costume: 101 Dalmations, Cruella de Vil and Jasper

Happy Halloween!

Hands down, this is my most favorite Halloween costume ever! :)  How fun is that? It was so fun to have a whole family costume, and we all had a lot of fun with it.

My brother and sister-in-law generously shared their Cruella de Vil and baby dalmatian costume with us, so I only needed to make dalmatian costumes for my older girls (and rummaging threw a few friend and family's closets for some Jasper attire for my husband). After debating about a series of ideas for the dalmatians, I finally went with the buy-white-clothes-and-paint-spots idea. 

DIY dalmation costumes
1) Get yourself some white clothes. I headed over to the ole' Walmart and bought two pairs of white jeggings and white hooded jackets. 
2) Purchase some black fabric paint and sponge brushes. 
3) Paint the spots. I used a perfect circle for my spots, but I SOOOOO wish I hadn't. For one, making a perfect circle spot with a sponge (even a circle-shaped one) is not so easy. I spent too much time trying to dab and re-dab the spots to make them uniform. Stupid honestly. In hind sight, I would buy a circle sponge brush then cut a chunk out of it to make it look ameboid. Then you could, super-fast, dab it in the paint and on the clothes, back-and-forth without touching up. It would look more like a dalmation and save you tons of time. 
Tip: Give yourself DAYS to do this process. You have to allow time for each side to dry before flipping it over and doing the other side. 
4) Make the ears and tails. I bought some black furry "fabric" from the craft store. I thought it helped with the overall "dog" effect and my girls loved it. For the tail, I essentially did the same thing as the straps in this bag (only tappering it a bit) and then hand-stitched them onto the seat of the pants. For the ears, I sewed two ear-shaped pieces together (right sides together), flipped them so the furry sides were out and sewed them on the hoods. 
5) Paint little spots on their faces, and you are good to go. :)

I hope you have a fun Halloween.


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