Monday, October 28, 2013

Outdoor Halloween Decor: ghost leaf bags

These super fun Halloween ghosts are a triple-whammy:

1) I had way too many leaves all over my yard (which, you can see from the pictures that these bags barely dented the leaf-raking project).
2) My headstones weren't staying up properly.
3) I am not one to complain about MORE holiday decorations. :)

 After we dropped my oldest off at school today, I raked leaves with my youngest two. We raked and raked and raked. And built nests, cocoons, beds, witch traps and of course threw lots of leaves all about too. Two steps forward, one step back. :) 

To Make the Ghosts
To make these ghost leaf bags, I simply filled some of our 13-gallon white kitchen garbage bags full of leaves (rather than the large, black outdoor variety). 
Then I tied them shut, plopped them on the ground opening-side down and drew faces on them with a black permanent marker. Easy peasy. 

Now the yard looks even more cute (see the post about the cheesecloth ghost), the ghost leaf bags are propping up the floppy-down headstones, AND some of the leaves have been taken care of in the yard. :)

Maybe this little project is more like a quadruple-whammy though--look how much fun I had with my kids in the process.

This little one was pretty excited about having more ghost and more Halloween decorations outside! Here she is making her "scary face."

And here she is pretending to be "a little chicky" who was caught by a "medium-mean" witch (aka, me). I was instructed to trap her in a pile of leaves and then eventually make her work for me since she was my prisoner. :) Also, in the background is a glimpse of my much-too-rapidly-growing baby practicing her new trick: standing unaided. 

Anyway, fun morning, fun project.


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