Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Party

This should probably be called "The Pumpkin Party that Almost Was" because in all reality, it wasn't the party we intended! Oh it was fun alright, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we had to cancel most of the festivities and most of the guest list. Bah! 

Every year my mom hosts a pumpkin party in the fall, and it has become quite a wonderful tradition. Lots of pumpkins, hot apple cider and good food. I look forward to it every year, as do my kids and much of my extended family. Here's last year's party.

While the actual party was canceled due to on-and-off rain storms and crazy wind, my brother and I and our families stuck around until it was at least nice enough to go out and pick pumpkins. Pumpkins and beets and squashes and carrots and fresh herbs and.... Quite the harvest party it turned out to be!

Even if we didn't have as large of a guest list as originally planned, it still turned out to be such a lovely fall evening. With kids and all their exuberance, it is difficult not to enjoy any sort of party with them! They had lots of fun and especially enjoyed Grandma's Chalkboard Table. 

Lots of late-season flowers and various squashes were the perfect, natural setting.

I loved the natural, rustic feel of the harvest. 
I enjoyed the children's excitement and watching cousins become friends. 
I liked seeing that old, familiar wheel barrow from my childhood now brimming with fresh garden vegetables. 
I loved walking past the herb garden and smelling the thyme and basils.
Simple pleasures. 

And today, a few days later, I loved cooking one of the pie pumpkins and feeding it to my younger two. We had intended to use it all for a pumpkin bread and saving the rest for other baked goods, but they wanted to try some and ended up liking it a lot! Consequently, there was not a lot let over. It was fun to watch the two of them gobble it up.  Good times. Fall is so bitter sweet: it's a wonderful season full of the much-anticipated bounty of your garden and excitement for the holidays to come, and yet, it always feels like an ending. 
I do so love this season though. Even the ending ends up feeling like a beginning--clearing the squash plants out of my garden today felt refreshing and cleansing. 
Oh, fall, I can't say enough about it's greatness. Now let's all keep our fingers crossed that it lasts long. :)

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