Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Knotted Friendship Bracelet Instructions

Time for a little trip down memory lane. 
Man, when I was younger (late elementary school, early middle school years) I LOVED making these knotted friendship bracelets. I made them by the dozen! I wore lots of them at once, gave them away, sold them. Whatever. 

Well, you can imagine my nostalgia when my six-year-old wanted to make one.

We've had great fun tying knots together at night. Hers is much BRIGHTER--all sorts of pinks and greens and purples. 
I decided to make a more grown-up version and use these lovely fall colors. 
I love it. Guess not much has changed since I was 11-years-old. :) I kind of want to make another one now that this one is finished.

 It's easy enough to make too. 
My mom (bless her) saved my old friendship-making book all these years. Here are the instructions for the
"Sharp Chevron" that I made. 

First, the basic knots you make on both the left and right side of the bracelet:

And now the actual instructions for making the bracelet. These instructions are for using four different colors; I used five. So, pick your colors, cut the strings extra long--a good 2-yards long each. Then fold them in the middle and knot it so that there is a loop at the top as shown below.
 Happy Knotting!


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