Monday, November 25, 2013

Pressed leaf display

Every year, it's the same old thing: I gather fall leaves as if I'll never see them again.
I don't really know why I do it. I just love them. They are all over the ground and so beautiful and so different from each other and so, what's a girl to do but pick them up and pack them around?
For the most part, I never do anything with them but look at them a few times then eventually toss them outside to go where leaves go in the winter.

Here is a fun picture I took a few years ago of some leaves I found while hiking with my kids:

Anyway, this year I wanted to do more than just take a picture of the beautiful leaves--this year I wanted to do something pretty to display them. I can't remember where I saw this idea? Pinterest? a magazine? Who knows, it is easy enough so I never saved info about it.

 The craft was easy, the material-gathering was not!
After contemplating how to get glass and the pros/cons of purchasing cut glass, I finally had the great idea to just buy some old frames at a thrift store. I went to our local D.I. and, as usual, it was loaded with horrid-ugly and old picture frames for $1 a piece. So, I bought 3 pairs of matching sizes (2 8x10's, etc.). When I got home, I took the glass out of the frames (tossed the frames) and washed the glass all up nice. 
So, check one: got the glass.

I already had loads of leaves I'd collected--stuffed in random books all over my house. :) Re-finding them was a bit tricky, but I found them all (I think).

Next, I needed some tape. I will say, this step was major annoying. I remember that in the magazine/website/wherever I saw this project, they said they used book binding tape. So, I called around town to no avail. Well, surely Amazon will have some. Not so much either. I mean, Amazon did have some book binding tape, but only in white and black and it was way more money than I was willing to spend on this. 
Back to the ol' drawing board. 
Eventually, I decided on this tape:

Variety of colors, nice paper-ish texture. Should be great, right? Well, yes, it is great, but also not quite what I was expecting. I was thinking it'd be at least 1/2-inch wide, but it's tiny! itty, bitty tiny!
In the end, I smashed my already-pressed leaves between the two panes of glass, taped the edges with clear scotch tape and then used the brown tape from this package to just line the edges of the front glass to create a "frame" for the leaf display. It didn't wrap around the edges as planned, but I'm good with improvising, so that's what we did! Turned out just fine. ;)

Now that fall is almost over, I finally have my pressed leaf display up. :) And I've enjoyed it very much!


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