Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations and Wheat Wreath

I finally decorated my dining room shelf for Thanksgiving!

 Once I took down the Halloween decor, I've been scheming for something a bit more Thanksgiving-ish.

I knew for sure that I wanted to make a wheat wreath; I've been planning that one for months. My girls and I "harvested" a few handfuls from a farmer's field earlier in the year, and then in October I swiped some soft wheat-looking weeds from the ditch bank at our local corn maze when I took my girls with my friend Sally. It's all been sitting in piles in my garage for quite awhile now. I think my husband was starting to wonder if I had a plan or had just gone mad. :) 

Well, earlier this week, I brought the whole messy (and I mean MESSY) pile right into my dining room and brought out a straw wreath form I've been saving for months (which I paid $.50 for at the thrift store I might add) and we went to town. I was working fast during baby girl's nap--my 3-year-old cutting wheat to size (she loved using the scissors!) and me gluing it on.

One word of advice for making wheat wreaths: clumps. Remember that: clumps. At first I was gluing on individual wheat stalks, but soon realized that gluing clumps (see image below) on was much more efficient and better-looking. I even started bundling them together with string or long grass leaves.

 I even had enough left over to make a few wheat bouquets.

Then, and this might be my favorite part, I harvested what was left of my lavender and lemon thyme, bundled them together for drying and hung them up on a rustic cutting board I received from a friend of mine, who happens to be a potter. He makes pots. Like from clay and a potters wheel. :)

I added a few of these seeds and seed pods I'd collected with my girls on a run a week or so ago. They are so pretty and interesting looking.
Anyone know the name of the tree these come from? Anyone?

And last but certainly not least, our Thankful Tree. Or perhaps I should call it a Thankful branch.
A few years ago we made a Thankful Tree and now it is a tradition, although I will say it has never looked the same twice. Last year, for example, we cut out the shape of a turkey with construction paper and added thankful feathers. This year, I had a bit more energy (I'm no longer 8.5 months pregnant) so I went all out with this branch. 
I tied either end with twine to dangle it from the shelf then wrapped it all in stretchy floss used for making bracelets. 
Each morning we write something new we are thankful for on a "leaf" and then slip it into the floss. Sometimes I even dangle it from a string of floss for variety. 

All-in-all, the decorations are a fun theme for this Thanksgiving. 

I hope your Thanksgiving plans are coming along!

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  1. Looks good! I wish I would have had the foresight to harvest some wheat as well. I have always wanted a wheat wreath. Thanks again for the bouquet you gave me!


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