Monday, December 16, 2013

Neighbor Gifts- Gift Box Cookies

Last year I found a bunch of new cookie recipes I wanted to try, and since I couldn't decide on which ones to make, I made them all and gave them out as neighbor gifts for Christmas.... well, most of them. We had to sample a few just to make sure they were good. And yes they were. So we sampled a few more and thanks to my indecisiveness and over-baking we still had plenty for friends.

However, I needed a cute, fun, festive, and most importantly inexpensive way to package these cookies. 
Some were for couples, some were for families of 7, and anywhere in between 
so one-size fits all wasn't going to work either. 
Enter Gift Boxes. 
Shirt boxes to be exacts. You know, the ones you get with tissue paper and a new sweater inside. And then you save them thinking you'll use them for presents later. But your kids really don't want clothes as a gift and in the end a gift bag is usually faster so they just sit in your basement. Those boxes.
I just cut them down to size, taped them back together, and filled them up. Once full I wrapped the outsides with strips of scrapbook paper, twine, hemp, ribbon, whatever was handy, and tied on a tag. Wha-la!

No matter how cute the outside is, its still what's on the inside that counts. 
Here's what was in mine...
Lots and lots of cookies and marshmallows to fill in the spaces. The marshmallows make great 'packing peanuts' and keep the cookies from sliding around. 

I have to say these were some of the best cookies ever!!!
 and most of them freeze really well so they are perfect to make ahead for Christmas gifts. 
Okay, here are links to the recipes...

(I think I used dark chocolate instead of white chips in this last recipe, but either way, delicious).

Happy Baking!
....and Gifting  

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