Friday, January 31, 2014

Classroom Valentines

I made these cute valentines for my son to share with his class last year, 
but since we made them last minute, I didn't have a chance to share them with you.
So here they are this year!

First for the BOYS....
Up Up and Away! It's Valentine's Day!

the planes were from the party goods section at walmart. 
You pull them back and they drive- highly entertaining. 
I just poked a couple holes in the card and tied the plane on with elastic thread. 

Now for the GIRLS... 
You Sparkle and Shine Valentine!

Again, rings from the party section.
Just cut a slit in the card and slide the back of ring through. 
(I heard a couple of the little pre-school girls at the party say... 
"Oh! David gave you a RING!" with lots of giggling and blushing. 
Seriously! they were 3 and 4! Starts early I guess.)

If you would like your own for this year
just click on the picture and print away!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Photo Valentine Poem

Most years Emily and I love to make a photo Valentine of my kids for grandparents and friends. 
Years ago, Emily helped me make these simple ones on a plain background that were fun--back when we lived close to each other.
Then last year I made some that are a great way to remember not only how your child looked that year but also some of their cute quirks and favorites. Also a fun idea from Emily.
Now this year I was inspired by a cute Valentine's card that my friend Sally made last year.
Maybe next year I'll have an original idea. :) 
Or not. That's why it is great to surround yourself with people who inspire you!

Without further ado, here is this year's super cute Valentine's poem.

This cute poem and actions were originally by Kerry Ardhya and it was printed in the February 2011 Highlights High Five magazine.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Card: Handprint Heart

What grandparent wouldn't want sweet a Valentine's card from their grandchild? Especially when the card is in the shape of their sweet little hands?

 Isn't that tiny little baby one adorable? And yes, it really is the hand print of my then 2-month-old baby (I made these last year). 

  1. To make them, you simply need some decorative paper. I was lucky enough to have some Valentine's Day paper hanging around from past crafts. (I think I had bought a pack when I made this craft paper canvas a few years ago?)
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Then, where the fold is, line your child's hand up so that the thumb and forefinger touch the fold as shown below.

4. Then, cut the handprint out, being careful to leave the thumb and finger spots at the fold uncut. Cut out the spot between the thumb and forefinger to make a heart. When you open it up, flip it around so the fingers are pointing down and you will see a heart along with your child's handprint. 

5. You can write a Valentine's message on the inside or a picture if your kid would prefer to draw. 

Happy Valentine's!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Post at a Girl and a Glue Gun

 Hi Everyone. Head on over and check out our guest post today over at

Free Reversible Knit Boot Cuff Pattern

So, you've seen the super cute boot sock look, right? I've had it in my head for quite some time that I wanted a pair or two. I periodically look when I am at town. I periodically think about making some for myself--either knitting some or using sweater sleeves or something, but there are always more pressing projects to finish. 

Well, now that all my Christmas knitting projects are finished, I had some time to just go ahead and knit  myself some. I've gone a little knitting crazy this winter; it seems that if I don't have a project going, then I feel a little lost, so these were a natural next project. I decided that I wanted a pair immediately rather than take my time to knit a more elaborate pair, so I came up with a nice, basic ribbed boot cuff, as opposed to an entire (unnecessary) boot sock. AND I had the foresight to realize that it'd be crazy efficient to make them reversible since only one side will show at a time.

They aren't much to look at just sitting there, but once you get the boots on them, I love my new boot cuffs.
And I should mention how crazy warm and nice they are for winter. I admit, I was in it for the look, but the boot cuffs are like little leg warmers inside the boots and so nice to wear with skirts when it cold outside.


Love them!

Want to make yourself a pair? They really are a very easy and fast project--a great start for newbies or a nice brainless project for more experienced knitters. 

Reversible Ribbed Boot Cuff
2 colors of worsted weight yarn
size US 8 double-pointed needles

Cast on 48  on 3 needles for knitting in the round
(If you have really thin calves, go with 44 stiches or use smaller needles. If you have larger calves cast on 52 or use larger needles)

Join to knit in the round. Do a Knit 2, Purl 2 ribbing for 10 rows.
Knit for 11 rows then switch to your second color.
Knit 11 more rows.
Do a Knit 2, Purl 2 ribbing for 10 rows and then bind off.

Weave in the ends and voila!