Friday, January 3, 2014

Easy Cable Knit Pillow Covers

I've been thinking about throw pillows a lot lately. 
I suppose that on the whole scheme of things, pillows ought to be down at the bottom of the list of "important" things to think about, but, what can I say? Pillows just keep creeping into my mind.  

I think it must have started with Emily's over-the-top cute and fun pillows she made for her house this summer. They are so great! and Fun! So that got me thinking about pillows, but I'm just not that into sewing to be honest. I do it a bit, but it's never really fun for me. (I know a lot of friends that would just say I haven't caught the bug yet. Maybe.)
I thought, "that's so great Emily made pillow covers! Maybe I should?" Then a half second later, "nah." And I moved on. 
Then they just kept sneaking into my brain.
Then one day I was at my mother in law's home (Emily's mom), and I noticed she had made new pillow covers for her new sectional she put downstairs. It looked great. I thought the sectional looked great before, but now, clearly it looked better! It looked complete, finished and up-to-date.

I thought of my sectional back home. My lonely sectional without a single pillow on it. I thought about how pillows are generally in the way and how my kids use them for everything imaginable except actual pillows and leave them all over the floor. And I told myself that I didn't need pillows. 

But I did. I needed pillows on my lonely sectional. So I made some.  

knit sweater pillow

My downstairs is cold and we bought a (faux) leather sectional for it (at BigLots--any of you out there yet discovered the glory of furniture at BigLots? It's cheap! It's great! It is literally the same darn thing as at "real" furniture stores. Less selection, sure, but great none the less. And cheap, real cheap.)

Anyway, it needed something warm. 
Being a knitter and a lover of all things knit, I knew I wanted some nice knit pillows. That would warm things up a bit for sure. So, I went shopping--at a thrift store and bought myself a $2 big cable-knit sweater.

Then I grabbed the old and worn-out pillow from the master bedroom, and went to town recovering it. 
1) First, I cut the arms off the shirt and the neckline off as well.
2) Then I stuffed the pillow inside and measured it out a bit. 
3) Cut the sweater to fit.
4) Turned the right sides together, sewed the two sides and top together and left the bottom mostly open.
5) Turned it right-side-out, stuffed the pillow inside and hand-stitched up the bottom. (I left the bottom of the sweater as the part that I hand-stitched since it had a edge on it that wouldn't come unraveled.) I didn't take a lot of care to do a neat job sewing up the bottom either--the nature of the knit sweater hides the stitches really well and you couldn't see them anyway. :)

Voila! Easy (and I mean EASY, because like I said, sewing is not my specialty) and warm pillow.

Then, quite by accident I was in Kmart one day looking for a pie pan and found some rather silky-looking ribbed cream pillows for $5. FIVE DOLLARS! So I bought one. Then, that same day, I was at Walmart looking for a pie pan and found a hairy cream pillow for only $11 and decided that it was fate. Now I have 3 pillows that match each other perfectly and bring in all sorts of textures and warmth to the room. 

And yes, after all that debate, it was true--I DID need pillows on my sectional. I love it. It looks more finished. It is more warm and inviting, and my kids are ecstatic to have 3 more play things in the house. :)

P.S. Isn't it just plain funny to compare Emily's pillows with my pillows? I love, love, love her pillows, and I feel fairly certain she will love my pillows. But, we just always choose different things for our houses. :)


  1. These are beautiful and so cozy! I'd love it if you shared them at the Do Tell Tuesday link party that's live now. Over at mabeyshemadeit dot com

  2. I love the cable sweater with the fur pillow. Nice texture combo!

  3. Great idea. I love the way they turned out!

  4. I've had a sweater pillow on my to-do list for awhile now! love how yours turned out!

  5. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing at Do Tell Tuesday, and I hope you have a chance to link up again this week!

    Diane @ Vintage Zest


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