Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Elf Hats: Meathead Hat Pattern Review

So, my kids wanted elf hats this year for Christmas. 
Lucky for them, I knew of a super cute, easy knitting pattern that my friend had given me years ago called the "Meathead Hat." I must admit, I have no idea of the meaning behind "meathead" but I thought they made perfectly adorable little elf hats. 

 Such a fast knit too. The pattern calls for size 15 needles and chunky yarn that you double up. I happened to have some "super chunky" yarn laying around, so that is what I used, and they turned out great. A bit big, but now there is growing room, right?

Alas, I tried to get a picture of all three of my girls wearing their elf hats, but alas. Trying to get a 12-month-old to cooperate for picture taking is difficult. And trying to get a 3-year-old to cooperate for picture taking is just as difficult. Trying to get both plus a 3rd child to cooperate? Wasn't happening. So, I used my 6-year-old who has been a perfect model for all my knitting stuff lately. :)

Even if I couldn't get all three if my cutie girls in a decent picture modeling their meathead hats, rest assured that they look super cute sportin' them. I loved the pattern too--it was easy and quick to knit and I thought the shape was perfect.

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