Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Card: Handprint Heart

What grandparent wouldn't want sweet a Valentine's card from their grandchild? Especially when the card is in the shape of their sweet little hands?

 Isn't that tiny little baby one adorable? And yes, it really is the hand print of my then 2-month-old baby (I made these last year). 

  1. To make them, you simply need some decorative paper. I was lucky enough to have some Valentine's Day paper hanging around from past crafts. (I think I had bought a pack when I made this craft paper canvas a few years ago?)
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Then, where the fold is, line your child's hand up so that the thumb and forefinger touch the fold as shown below.

4. Then, cut the handprint out, being careful to leave the thumb and finger spots at the fold uncut. Cut out the spot between the thumb and forefinger to make a heart. When you open it up, flip it around so the fingers are pointing down and you will see a heart along with your child's handprint. 

5. You can write a Valentine's message on the inside or a picture if your kid would prefer to draw. 

Happy Valentine's!

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