Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Kids Activity: Painting the Snow

Time for our annual paint-the-snow activity!

winter activity snow painting

Once or twice a winter my kids get the great chance to go out and paint the snow, and they love it!
Such a simple, fun thing for them to do in the winter. 

I will say though, that this was the first time they had the "brilliant" idea of painting SNOWBALLS rather than just the snow. I wondered if this was going to end up very messy, but it didn't--they liked the painted snow balls so much that they didn't want to throw them and have them burst open. Probably the difference between boys and girls....

winter activity snow painting


To do this you will need the following supplies:
  • spay bottles for each kid. I used a variety of regular spraying bottles (I think it was an old Windex bottle or something similar) and also more of a steady-stream squirting kind. This year it happened to be a disposable salad dressing container someone had given me.
  • food dye
  • water
 And that's it. Fill each bottle up with water, drop in a few drops of food dye, give it a shake and let them loose (sorta--I'd recommend a brief instruction on a what to spray and what NOT to spray, but you get the idea).

Give it ago. I first did this when my oldest was only 2 and she loved it then and ever year since then. Now at 6, she remembers it and asks for it. It's a fun tradition; give it a whirl!

 Hope you are enjoying the snow!

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