Monday, February 3, 2014

Paperboard Valentine's Heart Banner

I've been loving my interchangeable burlap banner
but I decided to go with something different this time--shake things up a bit.

I decided to go with a up-cycled/re-purposed (whatever floats your boat) paperboard banner. With some pretty pink paper and pretty Valentine's doilies to make myself a paperboard Valentine's heart banner.

It was fun to make, and it has been cute to look at.

To make one, you will need to find some paperboard. What I really wanted was one of those clothing boxes you get at Christmas time, but I didn't have one so I confiscated my kids' old Lego box. It was just the right thickness to use.

To make, you will need the following:
decorative paper
yarn or string to hang it with
hot glue gun
X acto knife

Here's what you do:
I dug through my paper box (leftover remnants from scrapbooking--ages ago--and supplemented with my habit of buying random pretty papers). I was searching for pretty pink Valentine's paper, and, lucky for me, I found some. :)

Now that I knew I could proceed, my girls and I started cutting. I cut six rectangles from the paperboard, but of course you could make as many as you like depending on how long you want your banner to be. Each rectangle was about 3 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches.

Then I cut out a paper heart and used it to trace hearts on all the wrong sides of the paperboard. Using an X acto knife, I cut the hearts out.

Flip them over and hot glue your Valentine's paper to the back side of the rectangles so that the right side of the paper shows through the heart. 
Hot glue your string or yarn to the backside of the rectangles as well.


After that I decided to embellish with a few paper doilies (just hot glued them on).
Then it was ready to go!

 Cute little banner to bring some Valentine's cheer to the dining room. 

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