Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Linzer Heart Cookies

Most Valentine's I like to make some sort of heart-shaped cookie. 
I guess you could say it is a tradition.
As usual, I like to dabble and experiment with other cookies. 
One year I made some yummy chocolate-cinnamon cookies that were great, but nothing beats
a Valentine's Linzer cookie. 
They are so delicious and so crazy cute!

I think I like these so much for Valentine's because usually by about mid-February I am starting to get itchy for some color and signs of spring. With the festive red centers to these cookies, made from red raspberry jam, they just seem to have a little hint of spring and summer soon to come. The lemon zest helps with that too. :)

Can't say enough about how great these are! Cute and yummy.

I've tried a few recipes over the years, but I think that my very favorite one is the recipe found at Diana's Desserts.
It calls for roasted hazelnuts, but most years I just use roasted almonds. The hazelnuts are wonderful and more flavorful, but frankly I usually make these rather spur-of-the-moment, and hazelnuts are just not one of those things I stock in the pantry.
Either way, hazelnuts or almonds, you can't go wrong. You'll enjoy the recipe for sure. 

Happy baking!

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  1. Have made them several times. Everyone absolutely ADORES them. Made the recipe exactly as is stated and froze half of it and making the second half now. They're perfect!
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