Thursday, March 27, 2014

Double-Dipped Rubber Cement Dyed Eggs

My husband will attest that when it comes to dying Easter eggs, I get a bigger kick out of doing it than my kids. Sometimes we even do it a few times in the Easter season. Sometimes... :)
And pretty much every year we try something new. 

These babies were from last year, and I have to tell you, I think they might be my all-time favorites. Certainly the most colorful and bright!

Ever try using rubber cement on your Easter eggs? Well, this could be a great year to give it a go!

 The concept is simple--just like using a wax crayon to exclude the dye, wherever the rubber cement is, the dye will not be.
Only this time, unlike the wax crayon, you can rub off the rubber cement and "double dip" if you'd like more color.


So, to do this, you will need hard-boiled eggs, egg dye and a bottle of rubber cement. 

Swirl the rubber cement on the eggs. We swirled it and painted it and whatever we felt like. Then comes the difficult part: you have to let it dry. We had other eggs on which we did not use the rubber cement so that the kids had something to do while they waited because it does take awhile. 

Once the rubber cement has dried, go ahead and lower them into your dye.

When they have soaked up as much color as you would like, take them out of the dye and once again let them dry. After they have dried this time you are free to rub off the rubber cement and they should look something like this:


I love how the contrast between the white and dyed parts of the egg really make the colors POP! So fun. 

We however, did not feel finished with our dying experience, so we double dipped them. :)

We took each of the eggs above and then put them into another color. The key for success seemed to be to put them in a lighter color than what they were already dyed. 

For example, the red egg above was put into a bowl of yellow dye to make the egg seen below:


One of my favorite combinations though was to take a purple egg and then place it into the blue. 
But truly, the possibilities are endless.

I hope you enjoy dying Easter eggs this year. :)


  1. Haha- I totally love decorating Easter eggs more than any child I've ever met!! And OH MY GOODNESS! Never heard of using rubber cement before! Love. Definitely pinning!

  2. These are super neat looking. My kids are all grown up, but my grandkids would love them! Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  3. Oh wow! They are all so pretty. I'm going to dye eggs with my kiddos later this week. It's such a fun tradition.
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