Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home Update: Painted Stone Fireplace

Well I painted my stone fireplace as well!

I figured that I already had all the supplies and that it really shouldn't be that difficult or time-consuming. And I hoped it would go a long way to updating our dated stone fireplace. 

I think I was right on all accounts--painting the stone fireplace definitely didn't take long and definitely updated the over all look of the fireplace and the whole room.

I hesitated for a bit on painting the shelf. I had no problem painting the bathroom cupboards because the wood was ugly and not a nice solid wood. But the shelf was attractive and solid wood. But, in the end, I just decided it would look better painted, and it would match the rest of the room since the rest of the room had white trim.
So, followed the same procedure as I did in the bathroom cupboards: de-gloss, oil-based primer, then a few coats of latex enamel paint.

Then for the stone. That part I was nervous about, but I'm glad it turned out well. 

Here's a mid-way photo I took late at night when I was working on it. 

Here's what I did to give the rocks a subtle white-wash. 
1. Gather supplies. I found an old rag and a sponge brush.  I put garbage bags down around the bottom in case any paint spilled (which, of course, it did).
2. Prepare whitewash. I diluted the same paint that I used on the fireplace shelf (and on the bathroom and kitchen cupboards) 1:1 with water. I mixed 1 cup of paint with 1 cup of water in an old 32-oz yogurt container. 
3. Prepare stones. Before brushing on the whitewash, I dusted the stones and made sure they were relatively clean. 
4. Paint. Then, with the sponge brush in one hand and the old rag in the other, I dabbed the whitewash on with the brush and stopped runs with the rag. Anytime it appeared that perhaps too much paint was going on in one area, I would scrub it a bit with the rag. 
And that's it! I worked from one end of the fireplace to the other. Painting the stone took less than an hour for sure.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the way it turned out. And since I already had the supplies, and it didn't even take an hour, definitely a project worth doing for a little home update. :)


  1. It looks so great! I know what you mean about painting the wood. That can hurt! but I too think it is so worth it! good work, you are a go-getter!

  2. I would love to try this. We have a fireplace that is offensive! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. what color paint did you use for the whitewash?

  4. what color paint did you use for the whitewash?


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