Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Modern Leather Baby Boy Boots (FREE Pattern!)

Delia, from Delia Creates, made these adorable baby boots!
I just love them. With or without those bright red laces. 
 And let's admit, there is a shortage of ideas when it comes to footware for those sweet baby boys.

Thanks to Delia, not only do we get to see these amazing boots, but you can also make your own because she was nice enough to provide the pattern and tutorial HERE. Did I mention its free?
I can't wait to try a pair.
Thanks again!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hooded Towels- Lion and Cat

Remember how I've made all these fun hooded towel patterns?
Well I sent a couple of the patterns to my sister recently and she whipped up some towels to give as  baby-gifts for some friends. I asked her to send me pictures when she was done, and well, they turned out so cute that I had to share! 

I LOVE the little lion.

And of course what little girl wouldn't like this sweet little kitten? Especially with that fun pink trim. 

Thanks Lisa for sharing!
If you thought these were cute, check-out all the other fun animal hooded towel patterns in our shop!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Framed Fabric Display

Years ago, when I had my first baby, I gathered up a bunch of old frames, painted them to match the nursery, and filled them with pictures of my son as he grew. When the second baby came I took his pictures out so I could do the same for her. And never got around to it. They sat empty. Mostly because I never got pictures printed. With baby number 3 on the way I decided I needed a new plan for these old frames (afriad I would repeat the 'sit empty' senario). So I filled the frames with fabric scraps left over from the nursery set I made and hung them that way. 

Here's how:
1- cut fabric slightly larger than the open area of the frame and put it inside.
2- staple frames to strips of coordinating ribbon.
3. tie ribbon to a post (I used a mini curtain rod I had laying around).
4. Hang the rod on the wall.

Here is a display of framed fabric that Jaime did for her girls room. She painted all the frames white and hung them directly on the wall. Just another option.  I think it's darling! You can see more details on her project HERE

So if you're like me and have a few frames and fabric scraps that need put to good use (or your frames need a little dressing up while they wait for pictures), this is a great solution. And super quick!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Snap Bib Giveaway Winner!

A big thanks again to Katie for this great SNAP BIBS giveaway!
And we have a winner!

Congrats Lindsay!
Hope you enjoy!

Newborn Bibs - Free Pattern!

I am so excited to share this project today because I LOVE how it turned out! 
Sometimes things actually work, and this was one of those times. 

Now, obviously these are not the' keep-you-clean-while-you-eat-spaghett'i kind of bibs, but more of the 'drool-catcher' variety. You know how those newborns are.
These soft little bibs were so easy to make, but I think they'll come in very handy.
Plus, a plain white onsie will be so much cuter with one of these little bibs on top.

They're made of soft knit (left-over t-shirts mostly) so they'll be nice and comfy for baby. 
Plus there's the cute factor. To say I have a soft spot for elephants is probably an understatement. I find them adorable. So I cut these little guys out of a contrasting fabric, ironed them in place with heat n' bond, and used embroidery floss to stitch around the edges- just to be cute. Then I used more knit to make my own bias tape to go all around the edges. Last I added a snap to keep it on. (you could also use velcro, but snaps are what I had on hand.)

The inspiration for my little elephnad design came from this set of sleepers I found at walmart. Poor 3rd child, I think besides diapers this is about the only thing I bought for this kid, but I couldn't resist. (Plus I needed something to bring this surprise baby home in that wasn't pink or blue)

And now that I've paired these little bibs with the knit baby pants I made I have
 a couple more complete outfits! (for free!) Whoo-hoo!

And we're all set for the first couple days of life. I can't wait!

Even if you're not expecting, I think a couple bibs and soft pants would be a perfect (and quick and easy) gift. Practial, but still fun. Plus handmade is always nice to give right?

Lucky you I saved my pattern and little elephant template, and I'm willing to share.
Just click HERE and it's all yours to download for FREE!!!

Here are slightly more detailed instructions...
1. Fold your bib fabric in half and using the pattern, cut out the bib shape, creating 2 mirror image pieces.
2. Trace the elephant (or whatever design you want) onto the paper side of iron-on adhesive.
 I like heat n' bond lite.
3. Iron the heat n' bond onto the WRONG side of the fabric you'll be using for the elephant.
4. Cut out the elephant, peal the paper backing off, and iron onto the front of one of your bib shapes.
5. Stitch around the edges of your elephant applique. (you can use the machine or embroidery floss or whatever you like.)
6. Match up the front piece of the bib with the back piece of the bib, wrong sides together, and stitch all the way around the outside edge. (This will keep the 2 layers from sliding around while you add the bias tape.)
7. Trim the bib with bias tape, tucking the end under to hide the raw edge.  (You can make your own or buy some- however I do recomend using knit so it's soft on baby's neck.)
8. Now add a snap or some velcro and you're done!