Monday, April 7, 2014

Fabric Applique Wall Art

Need something to dress up the walls of your nursery, but don't want to spend a lot? 
Try this fun idea from Lisa (my talented little sister).

Using the fabric left over from the this blanket and crib set she made....

Lisa created this fun Fabric Applique Wall Art.

Want to know how?
It's easy and quick.

1. Cover a canvas or board with fabric. 
(Just pull the fabric smooth over the front and staple, tape, glue, or otherwise secure
the fabric edges on the back so it stays nicely in place.)
2. Draw or print a silhouette shape onto the paper side of iron-on fabric adhesive. I like heat-n-bond.  (Remember that the picture will be mirror image when you're done, so watch out,
especially if you are using letters!)
3. Cut out your shape and then peel the paper off the back.
(It is soooo much easier to cut a smooth shape before you take the paper off!)
4. Place your shape on the fabric-covered canvas and iron in place.
Its that easy!

Thanks Lisa for sharing this cute project with us!

More projects for your little one coming up!

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