Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jungle Vines Nursery Mural

Check out this fun Jungle theme mural! 

We already shared with you the cute fabric applique art that Lisa made to go in her baby boys nursery, so we might as well share what else she did to add the finishing touch to the room. 
I think these over-sized vines add just the right amount of fun. 

Before Lisa had her baby, but after my mom had arrived in town to help on the special occasion, they called me up with an idea. They needed a project to keep them busy so they didn't go crazy waiting for the little guy to come, and had decided to paint a mural... but couldn't quite find what they wanted. (This is when I usually get a call from my mom saying, "Hello my artist daughter," and I know she's going to put me to work!).

 My instructions were... Jungle theme. Plants, vines, green... and most importantly, not too hard. They needed to be able to finish it in a day in case the baby came.
 I whipped up a quick sketch with a few instructions, sent it their way, and they got to work! And I think they did a fabulous job too (and yes, they finished in plenty of time).
So thanks again Lisa (and Mom) for sharing your great project!

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