Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Newborn Pants

I've been trying to get ready for this 3rd little baby to come. You know, buying diaper, washing clothes.... WAIT! With this baby's gender being a surprise I need at least a handful of gender-nutral outfits to get him/her started. Only, with all the hand-me-downs from an older brother and sister I only found ONE little sleeper that would work. 

Time to get to work. I had a couple white long-sleeve onsies and piece of yellow and white striped knit, so a couple pairs of pants were in order. I whipped these babies up in no time and now we're good to go!
I made the baby pants the same way I made these little leggings. (Only I traced another pair of baby pants, not leggings, to create the pattenr, obviously.)

Just wait and see what I put WITH the onsies and pants to top it all off! 
You'll have to come back to check it out. 

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