Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Snuggly Bunny Baby Blankie

hello all! i’m shannon and i blog over at googiemomma. occasionally. veerrrry occasionally.

ok, truth is lately i barely blog at all. when i do i talk about life with my five googies, my sewing projects, and once in a while the deep thoughts that pop into my head. emily and jaime were nice enough to ask me to be a part of of their little ones series, and then doubly nice enough to let me slide once because i was so wrapped up in project run and play! (umm…we won’t talk about how that went) but i’m finally here, and happy to be sharing my project today!

if you’ve ever read my blog, you’ll know i make no secret of my hatred of high level of distain for “stuffed animals.” it has not escaped my notice, however, that this will also be my third free stuffed-animal-type tutorial and pattern (first and second), plus one tutorial for a stuffed animal filled chair. the lady doth protest too much, maybe?

whatever. maybe i just secretly want everyone to join me in this pit of despair. a pit filled with the dollar store stuffies, yard sale “fill a bag for a buck” nightmares, the overpriced build-a-bear mistakes, and the half price after-holiday impulse buy animals littering our playrooms and family rooms. you know what i always say: if ya can’t beat ‘em…make sure they have as many stuffed things as you do.

and on that (slightly dramatic and admittedly kind of weird) note, i present this bunny blankey. (blankie? blanky? blankee? blank-e?)

IMG_6722_2555bunny blanket

i currently have no less than four friends who are either pregnant or just had a baby, plus one daughter’s teacher. so this little gift fills the bill—cute and personal, but a pretty quick sew and not too bad on the budget!

IMG_6728_2561bunny blanket

this little guy is made from two yards of fabric—one yard of snuggly fluffy minky fabric, and one yard of super soft flannel. i did this guy in white and grey for my daughter’s teacher, who doesn’t know what she’s having. i just love white for newborns.

IMG_6720_2553bunny blanket

IMG_6727_2560bunny blanket

if you’d like to make your very own bunny blankey…or one for someone’s baby (hey, i don’t judge), jump on over to my blog for the pattern and tutorial!

jaime & emily--thanks so much for your patience, and having me as a part of your series!

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