Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Craft: Reversible Sun Hats

Wow, I can hardly believe I made these. Would you believe me if I told you I don't know how to sew for beans? I've dabbled a bit for simple home crafts or tooth fairy bags but never any REAL project. And, let me be honest, I struggled quite a little bit with these hats. I guess that struggle makes it so much more fun that they actually turned out OK. :)

I mean, sure little baby cake's hat is a bit big, but she grows, right? :)
And she doesn't mind one bit.

I also made one for my third little girl, the middle sister, but, well, she just wasn't in the mood for having her picture taken. 'Nough said, right?

But these two were willing subjects. :)

And what fun hats they are! They are perfect for keeping the sun off of faces and shoulders in the hot summer months (which are oh so close, yay!) and also perfect for expressing some sweet style.

And, I have a bit of a confession about these hats. See, I originally saw the pattern for them in a Martha Stewart Living magazine that I was thumbing through at the car dealership where I was getting my oil changed. Saw them and loved them. Oooo, I wanted that pattern! So, I admit it, I totally tore the page out of the magazine! Yikes. In my defense, the magazine was years old....I figured I it was going to end up in the garbage soon anyway, right? RIGHT? Either way, I did the deed and kept it hanging around for a few months before I started working on the hats, mostly because I was nervous about making them.

And where to go to get adorable fabrics? The Ribbon Retreat, of course. :)
Goodness, they had so many great choices. I ended up sticking with a basic color scheme so all the girls' hats would coordinate. The Ribbon Retreat is great at carrying full lines of fabric, so it was really easy to get a variety of fabrics that still look great together. I mostly used Riley Blake fabrics for the hats, but pulled from a few others as well. 

At our blog, Emily is the real seamstress--truly, that girl can sew and she makes the cutest stuff for her kids. And her house. 
Me, I'm a newbie. I dabble in sewing crafty home stuff, but this project was definitely the most difficult sewing project I've ever tackled, but I think they turned out just as I had hoped.

  • 2 pieces medium-weight fabric in coordinating colors and patterns, 3/4 yard each (I decided to instead use light-weight fabric and either fusible interfacing or a 3rd heavier fabric to make the hats stiffer--I used an old pair of my husband's cargo pants) 
  • iron 
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine, thread, pins
  • pattern
To make these hats, I followed good ol' Martha's instructions
Essentially, you 1) print out the pattern, 2) tape it together, 3) cut it out, 4) then use it to cut out your fabric.

Then, you sew together the pieces for the inner part of your hat and the outer part of your hat separately so that you have two hat-shapes. 

For example, ere is an image of my outer layer of hat, with the heavy canvas fabric sewn to it to add sturdiness, pinned together, ready to be sewn. 

 Then I sewed the inner liner together in the same manner, leaving a 4-inch gap between the brim and the side of the hat so I could pull it right-side out and stitch it up when I was finished.

Once the two sides are sewn, place the right sides together, sew around the brim and then pull it right-side-out through the 4-inch gap between the brim and the side. Hand stitch it up and voila, cute reversible summer hats!

I hope you are having as much fun as I am getting ready for summer. :)

And if you are interested in more fun summer sewing projects, check out Emily's Simple Summer Bags. 
She has a great (and detailed) tutorial on how to make one for yourself. Lucky me, she made one for me. :)


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