Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Watching Seeds Sprout

This is one of those fun activities I've seen on Pinterest a few times. I've been waiting for Spring--I thought it'd be fun to plant the seeds in the garden and watch them sprout in the house at the same time. 
My good friend Sally did this with her children as well. I think we'll start more!

It's such a simple thing to do. Fun, educational, easy. What could be better?

I loved it as well--who couldn't be a little moved to watch the seedlings sprout? 

Want to give it a try? 
glass vase or cup
paper towels
beans from your pantry

To Do:
Get the paper towels wet, squeeze out the excess.
Fill the glass vase with the paper towels.
Place a few beans from your pantry between the wet towels and the glass.
(I used 3 different kinds, and it was fun to watch the subtle differences)
Keep moist and somewhere warm.

In a few days you will have sprouting.

 Enjoy watching your seeds sprout!
There's something sweet about watching life begin.

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