Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dying Wood with Rit Dye

 Staining wood with Rit Dye is one of my favorite finds this past year.
Talk about adding a punch of color to some wood!

It all started last summer when I was trying to decide what to do with my picnic table. 
I thought seriously about using Rit Dye on it to get the color I wanted, but in the end, I decided to just paint the picnic table
But I still had that fun idea in my mind. So, at Christmas time when hubby made the girls some blocks, we stained them with Rit Dye and LOVED the way they turned out. (More on that some other time.) 
The blocks had this perfectly bright punch of color that was translucent so you could still see the wood grain. Love it!

Well, this weekend we found another fun excuse to stain some wood with Rit Dye: wands.
Yep, we made brightly-colored magic wands. 
My husband was in the market for a new hobby and decided that turning wood on a lathe was it. So, we waited for the Harbor Freight Tools coupons to come out and for the lathe to go on sale and then just went for it. He's had so much fun on it! 
The first thing he made was some wands for our three girls, and me! Ha ha--now I can cast those spells right back, so watch out. :)

He made them, I mixed up the dye solution (we just used 1 Tbsp. Rit Dye and 4 Tbsp. hot water), smocked the girls and headed outside (I love summer).

 Baby girl got a puny, stubby wand. We thought it was safer for her and us (that girl has about put all of our eyes out with various other sticks and such). She LOVED painting.

You can see how the color is a great mix of bright and yet still shows the wood. 

Ha! I love this shot. Is it awful to say that she reminds me of Severus Snape? Yikes!

Only in this picture though--she is normally a completely delightful and spunky little girl (as you can see here). 
The girls love their brightly-colored wands. 

Hmmm, what can I dye with Rit next time?...

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  1. How fun! Ty better be careful with those new skills. I can think of lots of fun projects where he would come in handy. .. candlesticks, table legs, lamps. You might keep him busy.


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