Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cowgirl Birthday Party

Yee haw!
What a fun cowgirl party we had!

This was the year of big birthday bashes around here.
Ever since my 4-year-old's rainbow party, my soon-to-be 7-year-old had been trying to come up with a party theme for herself. She was pretty convinced she was just going to do a different rainbow party (couldn't blame her there--that was one cute party). I tried different ideas on her--a luau, an art party, a scientist party, but when I suggested a cowgirl party, she immediately jumped on the idea and we had a sure winner. 

Cowgirl Mania here we come!
I wasn't too surprised really; for about a year now she has had great fun dressing up in cowgirl hats and swinging ropes around like they are lassos. 

We went with her two favorite colors and planned out all sorts of fun games and yummy treats.


Lucky for me I have Emily, who likes to design me printables whenever I need them. :) 

Here is the link for the free printables.

And lucky for me because good ol' Party Pail let me have some free stuff to decorate with. 

I was able to find everything I wanted to decorate with at Party Pail:
(have I ever mentioned how very much I like to shop online and not hunt around at stores?)

So, I got all the decor stuff, printed out the printable stuff and made a plan.

 First up: cake. 
No surprise to anyone who knows my 7-year-old, but she knew exactly what kind of cake she wanted. 
Her specifications? 
white frosting
green on top for a grass meadow 
some blue frosting for water 
real horses ("well, not REAL horses, but like toy horses" she said).

check, check and check. Not professional, but pretty darn cute by my standards (and lack of know-how).

Now we needed some party food. Can't have a good party without party food, right? 
I think this was my favorite part--coming up with cowgirl names for all the party food. :)

Here's what we got:

Lil' Doggies

On the Ranch Veggies

Giddy Up Grapes

Happy Trails Mix

Cowgirl Bark
(here's the recipe)

Pardner Popcorn

 By Jimminy! Jell-o
 ha! I crack myself up more often than is normal.
(recipe here)

 and because I just plain like treats, we decided to make the party favors be treats too. 
(no one left this party hungry)

Mosey Down Marshmallows

Yum-o! We ate lunch and played games and ate popcorn and candy while presents were opened. Then we ate even more sugar and had cake and ice cream and the Jell-o. I think the party favors were eaten before the kids got out the front door too. 
So, yeah, plenty of food. 
We had a small problem of the sun shining for the first time all week and melting most of the chocolate stuff, buuuut oh well. :)

The party games were fun too. 

We "Lassoed" a horse. 
aka, we threw embroidery hoops around a stick horse head. 
Here's the birthday girl giving it a go.

We played "There's a Snake in my Boot!"
The kids had to climb on top of the jungle gym and drop plastic snakes into one of my boots. 
If they were successful at getting the snake in the boot they were supposed to say, "There's a snake in my boot!" Most of them did with a big fat grin on their faces. 

And last but not least, we panned for gold!

A few days before the party my girls painted rocks with gold toll paint (which entertained them all afternoon I might add. "Can we do this again someday even when there isn't a party we are getting ready for?")
Then I had them go bury the "gold nuggets" in our sandbox. 
For the panning, we took a trip to the local D.I. thrift store and picked up a handful of old tin pie pans and then drilled holes in them so they could sift through the sand. 

I was also able to pick up jean skirts and cowgirl shirts for whichever of my girls needed them to round out our cowgirl attire. 

What a day. 

It was super fun to dress up like a cowgirl and do our thing. 
I loved having all of our friends come and meet each other! Neighborhood friends, church friends, school friends and friends through my husband's work. So fun. We had 14 or 15 kids there, I forget, and I can't believe how well-behaved and fun they all were. No problems at all, just having fun. cheering for each other at the games, thrilled to death to be eating so much treats and digging in the sand. It was kind of hard to believe it was over when it was. 
We finished her birthday off quietly with family gifts and a trip to iHop--she had requested we go there for her birthday MONTHS ago. easy to oblige. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet 7-year-old!
(don't you love that picture of her with her front teeth missing and her cast on?  What a great age.)


  1. Such a cute party! I love how you go all out!

  2. I think this is one of the most original birthday theme ideas I've seen! Such clever ideas! I'm pinning this one!


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