Monday, September 29, 2014

Canning Peaches--a family affair

Every year we look forward to peach season, and this year was no exception. 
We love them!
 We eat them fresh, put them in pies and breads and main dishes, we jam them and we can them. 

I took some pictures of our canning extravaganza we did with my in laws this year--there were so many peaches!
But the old saying of "many hands makes light work" is so true. We visited as we peeled, sliced, jarred, and processed and the time flew by.

 I should have counted--I know we ended up with well over 50 quart-sized jars full of them. 

Great Grandma and I were on peach slicing duty--we had the messiest job for sure. 

We had 4 generations helping us out--Great-Grandma, Grandma and Papa, the moms--Sister-in-Law and Me, plus our kids coming in and out--they were mostly serving as official samplers. 

All-in-all a delicious, fun day that we will be enjoying the fruits of all winter long. 

We even finished the day off appropriately with a fresh peach pie!

Here's my recipe from our early blog days.

And, if you are a peach fanatic as we are,
then here is our Pinterest board with more fun ideas:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nursing Cover Tutorial

Have you noticed those wonderfly convenient and perfectly handy and sometimes life-saving
(or at least self-respect saving) nursing covers around? The ones that curve out in the front so you can see you little baby under there... without everyone else seeing what's under there. And have you ever thought, 'they look so simple, I wonder if I could make my own'. Well they are, and you can. So if you want to make your own or one as a gift, here you go!

You'll need:
3/4 yard of cotton fabric
2,  1 1/2 inch D-rings
15 inches of boning

First cut your fabric.
Cover- 33 x 27" (or how ever big you want your cover)
Straps- 24 x 2.5"
5 x 2.5"

Make the strap. First fold the long piece lengthwise (so its long and narrow) with the right sides together. Sew 1/4" from raw edges half way down, then begin to angle in so your strap will taper slightly, sew across the end. Turn right side out and iron so the seam runs down the center back of your strap.
Sew the second, shorter piece, first folding lengthwise (so its long and narrow) with the right sides together. Sew 1/4" from raw edges. Turn right side out and iron so the seam runs down the center back of your strap.
Hem the shorter sides of the cover.
(Fold the edge toward the wrong side 1/2" and then 1/2" again, iron and sew along the first folded edge.) Now hem the bottom edge the same way.

To hem the top edge... 
Fold the edge toward the wrong side 3/4" and then 3/4" again, iron. DON'T sew yet!
*** this hem will also act as a casing for the boning, 
so MAKE SURE it is WIDE ENOUGH to slide the boning inside!***
 Fold the shorter strap piece in half (so the raw edges are together and the seam is on the inside of the fold). Slip 2 D-rings onto your short strap piece. Pin the strap pieces in place with raw edges tucked in the hem and the seam side down. Strap pieces should be 15 inches apart, centered along the top edge. (check out he picture).

Sew along the folded edge (sewing the straps onto the cover).

Fold the straps up and pin in place. Stitch along the very top edge of the cover, sewing the straps in place. 

(see up close)

(and from the front side)

Cut a piece of boning 15 inches long.

Insert the boning  into your casing so it curves away from you if you put the cover on.

When the boning is centerd, stitch up and down a couple times across the casing on each side of the boning so it can't slide out of place. 

Thread the long strap through the D-rings and you're ready to go!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Z' is for Zipper Pouch!

I recently Shared this post over at the Ribbon Retreat blog, (they did a fun back-to-school, a-z series) and figured I might as well share it with you too.

These handy pouches are perfect for pencils and school supplies....
lets make one!

Gather your supplies.
2 outside fabric pieces 11x7 inches
2 inside fabric pieces 11x7 inches
2 fusable fleece interfacing pieces 11x7 inches (optional)
Ribbon, 11 inches
1 zipper

For this BOY version, I sewed a blue ribbon across one of the outside fabric pieces. (Just lay on top and sew along both edges of the ribbon). 
Fuse the interfacing to the inside fabric. Layer your fabric. Inside fabric on the bottom facing up, zipper along top edge facing up, outside fabric facing down.With a zipper foot, sew along the top edge attaching one side of zipper. Repeat steps, layering and sewing other side of zipper to remaining fabric.

When you open it up it will look like this for the front...

and this for the back.

Un-zip the zipper half way. Now pin the front fabric pieces together and the back fabric pieces together. Sew along the outer edge all the way around, leaving a small opening. 

Turn the pouch right-side-out through the opening. Sew the opening closed. 

Push the inside fabric down inside to create the lining. Zip open and closed just for fun. 

And fill with all those wonderful school supplies!!!

Now for a GIRL, you might need to dress it up a tiny bit more.

First sew one ribbon across the front of one of the outside panels. Then sew a narrow ribbon on top of the first. Make 2 circles of ribbon (the 2 ribbons layered), one a little larger than the other. Sew the ends of each circle together. 

Pinch the circles together in the middle and stitch across the center, creating a bow. 

Stitch the bow to the front pannel along the ribbon and sew on a button. 

Cute as can be!

She even agrees. 

Thanks again to the Ribbon Retreat for all the wonderful supplies and 
the chance to share our project with you!