Monday, September 1, 2014

Fabric Pom-Pom Mobile

Way back, a couple months ago, we had a great little series all about projects for babies,
called "Little One". Some fabulous bloggers shared thier amazing ideas and projects. Part of the reason for the series was so we would have posts all lined up and ready to go so I wouldn't have to worry about blogging right after having a new baby.  Well, the baby came early and guess who wasn't quite prepared.... yep. Me. So, I'll be sharing a couple projects in the next few days that were intended for our little series then, but are just getting finished now. 'cause, we're keeping it real here right?

These fabric pom-poms were so fun and easy. The type of project you can do while watching a movie after the kids go to bed (or honestly you could even enlist your kids to help.) My son thought these were so cool he insisted on making his own... with much cooler colors of course. And not to hang up and admire, but to throw around.

For mine, I used up scraps from the nursery set I made years ago. That way I could use the pom-poms as a mobile amd they match perfectly!

I really think they turned out cute, and you can't beat free. If you didn't want to make a mobile, these would be great for any kids room or party decor.
Try using differrent colors, fabrics, textures, whatever. Just make it fun.

So. here's what you do. 
Cut 2 'donut' shapes out of cardboard and stack them together. I think mine were about 10 inches across. 
Cut several strips of fabric, 3/4 - 1 inch wide. 

Start wrapping the strips around the cardboard donuts.

When one strip runs out just add the next. 
Don't worry about being perfect. I was a little OCD and tried wrapping it perfectly even, but when my 6 year old made one (wrapped not so perfectly) it actually worked better.

Keep going til you've covered the entire donut with 3 or 4 layers of fabric.
(This is the mindless part where I warned you that a movie might be needed.)

Lay the donut on a flat serface, insert the blade of your fabric scissors between the two layers of cardboard and cut along the edge, all the way around. DO NOT pick it up yet. You don't want all those little fabric strips to fall off! 

now take a strip of fabric and slide it between the 2 layers of cardboard. Tie the strip into a knot, sinching everything in at the center. Tie it a couple more times just to make sure its nice and tight.

Now fluff and twist and pull till you get all those little strips standing up to create a nice sphere.
You may need to trim some long pieces here and there.

Tie a ribbon or string around the center to hang your pom-pom.
If you want tu turn yours onto a mobile,  just wrap an embroidery hoop, or any 'hoop shape' with cooordinating fabric and hang your fabric pom-poms from the hoop.
That's it!

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